Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day Forty-Seven : Better

Things are going better today.  It wasn't perfect - still some things missing from the checklist - but it still wasn't bad.  I was productive at work and I was active.

I also heard from the last boy.  It was a poetic random text along the lines of "Tuesdays. Blargh.  What's up?".  And that was it.  Analyzing this is taking far less time.  He's bored and wants to see if I'll bite back.  Since even biting back has rarely led anywhere constructive, I'm letting it lie.  Geez Louise.

As a reward to myself, though, and in the realm of TMI, I have decided that the masturbation ban is now officially off.  The reason is simple : in winter, I need all the endorphins I can get, and I realized I have now hit a stage where I can do it without thinking of anyone in particular (thus entrenching obsessions) and thus, not dangerous to my goal.  Of course, now that I've given myself permission, I don't really feel like it.  Oh well, I'm sure I will soon - but I will do everyone the favor of sparing the details.

I took a shower and moisturized my face last night.  No use getting old while not getting laid.

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