Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Thirty-Four : Blah

I got work today, so yay.  I am constructive, I am a productive member of society.  I am receiving one more paycheck.  Wait, where did my attention span go?  How do I do these job again?  Oh well, I'll figure it out.  On Sunday.  When I'm in the office.

New Orleans gets so insanely crowded sometimes.  Tonight some jerk parked halfway across our driveway.  My neighbor relieved me of the stress of calling the towing company.  regardless of how ridiculously inconsiderate this is, and how often it happens, I still hate calling the towing company.  Some part of me feels like it's such a harsh measure.  But then, I'd like to get out tomorrow morning for a workout because god knows I need it.  My eating habits have fallen by the wayside (chex mix?  Seriously?) and I feel fat and tired.  Exercise invigorates me, even if getting up early doesn't necessarily do the same.

I think I often feel hemmed in the hectic that can be NOLA - the crowds and excitement.  A new friend of mine asked me how people can live here and not drink, and I confessed I'm probably an alcoholic for that very reason.  I have a hard time not wanting to lash out at the world around me, and such anger leaves me feeling alone.  And alone = bad decisions trying not be alone.  I need to figure that shit out.

On the upside, I have a pretty great and active weekend planned with various peeps I adore, so at least I won't feel like I'm waiting from a sign form the universe (or much less importantly) from a stupid boy.

Wait, is the scalp itch from my unwashed hair a sign?  I'll deal with that tomorrow.  Onto finishing a book.


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